luvithavit Candle Cylinder Medium - Bushy Leaf

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      Special Features

      • It’s thoughtfully wrapped, beautifully packaged and gift ready.
      • It makes a small candle look bigger.
      • Think of it as reusable, glowing works of art providing lasting pleasure.
      • The hand-carved wax shell can remain intact for years.
      • A single candle flame backlights the hand-carved patterns.


      • 120mm(D) x 100mm(H)


      1. 1 Tealight candle
      2. Special instructions and tips in caring / using this product.


      Wet a soft sponge with water, add a bit of Handy Andy (Or any other non-abrasive ammonia cream cleaner) Gently sponge the surface, inside and out, until all dirt is removed. Rinse well with cold water and leave to dry.

      Impurities or marks can be removed with a soft cloth and a bit of paraffin. Regular cleaning with paraffin is not recommended as it may ruin the surface.


      Chalky, Matt, white on white finish, with a velvety feel.

      The patterns are carved through the chalky white wax exterior layer, creating a 2-tone effect once lit.


      Paraffin Wax Shell with an embedded resin disc to place a tealight candle on.


      Brown Kraft E-Flute Box Size W110XL110XH110

      The Wax Luminary is wrapped in 2 sheets of tissue paper, 1 sheet of bubblewrap and a sheet of Kraft paper. The boxes used provide 1 layer of fluting on each side. The layers of tissue, bubblewrap and kraft form a safety barrier for the top and bottom.


      These items are individually handmade/crafted, therefore no two are the same.

      Shape, size, pattern and finish variances may occur. We, however, aim to keep the designs cohesive.

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    • Deer Design is a 100% South African brand that represents different designers throughout South Africa. 

      With an appetite for retail and a vision to create a powerful brand, as a young couple, we have decided to take a leap of faith towards an entrepreneurship dream by embarking on an adventure, thus creating Deer Design.

      Our passion is to build a wonderful environment overflowing with design, talent and community development through social upliftment projects. We have a dream to create a brand that is recognised amongst many different people, as well as presenting a friendly, customer-orientated store that carries this passion throughout all our products as well as helping develop the dreams and aspirations of other talented entrepreneurs.

      Everything we do emphasises the use of South African designs, organic products as well as incorporating large elements of earth and nature; a common denominator that runs throughout our products.

      It is our mission statement to bring different products from all over South Africa and represent each individual product with an exceptional story to our shelves.

      Our passion, love, and creativity are all a true representation of our exclusive brand. We continuously aim to support all community projects as well as create a platform for entrepreneurs to develop and grow their own businesses.

      Deer Design is a brand that has resulted from hard work, challenges and many different trials and tribulations; a vision that has come to fruition through the vision, advice as well as the love from special people, without which their unfailing support has made our dream come true.    
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