Face Mask V2 - Pink (assorted cotton fabric for inner mouth piece)

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      Materials used to make the masks:

      Scuba fabric for the face and cheek sides

      Cotton for the mouthpiece

      rubber band for fitting 

      interfacing which is used as a filter 


      We are creating a more sustainable way to develop our masks, by upcycling and making use of different types of fabrics. As well at creating something that will give you good protection when leaving your home. Our fabrics have been carefully selected to create good protection. 

      About our Masks:

      Fabric masks offer the benefit of being able to be washed and re-used. 

      A new modular mask, the mask is designed that you can insert your own additional filter if required to provide additional protection.

      COVID-19 and the travel bans have meant that we are shutting stores and our workshops. The results are loss of revenue to businesses and our employees. 

      We have designed and made masks to fulfil the public needs and try to ensure we can 1. Pay staff salaries 2. Pay rent and 3. have jobs to come back to when things calm down.

      These masks are intended to be a barrier for when you absolutely have to leave the house for supplies etc. We encourage social distancing and please continue to sanitise and wash your hands at all times. 

      Disclaimer: These face masks will not guarantee prevention from COVID-19. It is designed to stop you from coughing and sneezing onto others and help us to remember to not touch your face or your nose with dirty hands.

      Masks are not surgical grade if you feel like that is what you need please contact a medical practitioner. Purchase at your own discretion.

      Please wash your fabric face mask before first use and you are advised to wear a clean washed fabric mask every time.

      Please take caution when the courier delivers the parcel. Sanitise everything. And wash your hands after getting the mask out of the parcel. Use your own pen when signing the waybill. Stand at a distance when you sign for your package.

      We have done our best to keep the masks germ free, but there are no guarantees.

      We encourage you to buy more than 1 in order to rotate and have time to wash them properly between uses.

      No refunds or returns, the sale is final. Made in Johannesburg, we are upholding strict cleaning procedures and are closed to the public.

      Courier times is normally 3 days.


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    • Deer Design is a 100% South African brand that represents different designers throughout South Africa. 

      With an appetite for retail and a vision to create a powerful brand, as a young couple, we have decided to take a leap of faith towards an entrepreneurship dream by embarking on an adventure, thus creating Deer Design.

      Our passion is to build a wonderful environment overflowing with design, talent and community development through social upliftment projects. We have a dream to create a brand that is recognised amongst many different people, as well as presenting a friendly, customer-orientated store that carries this passion throughout all our products as well as helping develop the dreams and aspirations of other talented entrepreneurs.

      Everything we do emphasises the use of South African designs, organic products as well as incorporating large elements of earth and nature; a common denominator that runs throughout our products.

      It is our mission statement to bring different products from all over South Africa and represent each individual product with an exceptional story to our shelves.

      Our passion, love, and creativity are all a true representation of our exclusive brand. We continuously aim to support all community projects as well as create a platform for entrepreneurs to develop and grow their own businesses.

      Deer Design is a brand that has resulted from hard work, challenges and many different trials and tribulations; a vision that has come to fruition through the vision, advice as well as the love from special people, without which their unfailing support has made our dream come true.    
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