Our Story

What You Need To Know About Us. The Beginning of Our Story


It all started with an idea and some inspiration. The result was our shop opening its doors in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Thus Deer Design was born amidst a great flurry of excitement. We are a creative husband and wife team. Our artistic flair and drive made us the young entrepreneurs we always dreamed of becoming. Once our doors opened, our inspiration became more than a dream – it came to life! Our focus was on creating an outlet for local designers and entrepreneurs. This was the perfect spot to showcase their crafts. Our idea was to support local businesses, thus creating a platform where local brands could flourish.



Our little shop soon expanded. We were buying in more stock and customers recognised our brand. Yes – we had developed a name for ourselves. We started exploring growth opportunities. The result was the launching of our online shop.



2019 came with its own set of challenges. Soon we started seeing a struggling economy. Before long, we were looking at alternative ways to grow our business, and ways to continue. 2019 presented a tough year ahead, yet we kept on going. This was despite the economic challenges we now had to face. We tackled this challenge head-on. This we did by designing our own products, creating a platform selling our products. At Deer Design we started selling and producing in-house, sewing and creating our very own unique range.

Our new venture brought an element of fun and creativity into the equation. Our brand adventure was only beginning! 2019 was indeed a year jam-packed with creativity and exploration. The journey was just beginning!


Our most arduous journey, like so many small businesses, loomed ahead of us. 2020 saw us shutting the door of our beloved shop. Although this did not deter us, we were heart sore to wave goodbye to our hard work. Armed with inspiration, determination, and an armful of ideas, the ideas continued.

Our sewing journey continued, opening up more doors and further inspiration. We were sad to say goodbye to one chapter, but much was waiting for us in the wings. Lockdown paved the way for a brand new adventure. Our alternative path and new ideas soon brought on an element of excitement. We were back and on a path of discovery. Ours was a bittersweet experience.

We now had new ideas, new discoveries, and a brilliant year to look forward to.


Our new fashion journey has begun. Our range is ready, and we can finally say we are ready to launch our new collection. This is after many months of trial and error; months of discovery, mock-ups and pattern development. With great excitement and bated breath we are embarking on a journey overflowing with creativity. We look forward to sharing our wonderful ideas and breath-taking designs with you. We are ready to share our excitement.