What hat style is right for my body type and face shape?

Posted on February 04 2019

What hat style is right for my body type and face shape?

What hat style is right for your body type and face shape?

When it comes to selecting the perfect hat for you it is important to remember that not every hat is suited for every face shape and body type. We have put this guide together at Deer Design to help you to select your next hat. We hope you enjoy it.

What elements make up a hat?

A hat is made up of four main elements; as highlighted in the diagram below:

  • Crown
  • Taper
  • Bond
  • Brim


- the hat crown is the top part of the hat.
- the hat taper is the part of the hat that is pinched in the front.
- the hat bond is the band of material that goes around the base of the hat.
- the hat brim is the outer part of the hat.

In addition to the elements of the hat, this guide will also mention two addition concepts:

Snapped-up and Snapped-down; this refers to how the hat brim has been shaped.

-    A snapped-up hat is where the brim is pulled up.
-    A snapped-down hat is where the brim of the hat has been pulled down.

Hat elements that suit various body types:

Body types are broken down into three sections;

  • hats for larger gentlemen (broader men),
  • hats for short/slim men
  • hats for tall/thin men.

Larger gentlemen (Broader men)

-    Recommended that you stay away from smaller hats, as they have the tendency to make you look even bigger than you are.
-    Larger styled hats have the opposite which has the ability to put together your body in a much better proportion.
-    If you are looking at a hat with a hat bond, try to get a hat with a wider bond, as it will help make a hat look much larger and putting your body in proportion to the hat in which you are wearing.
-    Hat bond colour; it is suggested you try and get a hat that has a bond that is low contrast or ideally the same colour, as this will make the hat look like it is one piece, rather than cut in two.
-    The crown of the hat; you should look for a hat with a medium height crown and a side taper, as you want to avoid a pointy look. Which will be the case if the hat tapers to sharply in the front.
-    Keeping with a larger hat look, it is suggested that the brim of your hat should be 6cm more or less in width, as this will provide you with a more balanced look.

Short or Slim men:

-    Men that are slightly shorter will always benefit from wearing a hat as it has the effect of elongating their body.
-    When it comes to the crown, a relatively high crown that has been tapered to a sharp point.
-    The hat bond; you should try a find a hat that has a contrasting colour bond as this will make the hat look taller, thus giving you additional height.
-    If you are shorter; your brim should be snapped up, for the onlooker’s point of view it will give you a sense of elevation and height.
-    The width of your hat’s brim should be less than 5cm, this will once again create a sense of height in your hat.
-    Note: try and stay away from any hats with a wide brim with a big crown as it will have the effect of making the wearer look smaller than they are.

Tall and Thin men:

-    If you are trying to find the perfect hat for yourself and you are a taller gentleman; try and stay away from hats that accentuate your height. Don’t go for a high crown but rather go for medium to low crowns.
-    Opt for a contrasting hat bond as it visually will separate the top part of your hat from the bottom part thus keeping you in proportion.
-    The brim should be about 5 cm wide, as this will allow you to snap it down; you do not want a hat that has a brim that has been snapped up as this will accentuate your height.
-    You could wear your hat slightly to one side for a more elegant look.
In addition to looking at your body shape when selecting a hat, it is also important to consider your Facial Features; below are several facial features that are worth keeping in mind when selecting your perfect hat.

The first facial feature- a larger nose:

-    In the case of a larger nose, the most important thing to keep in mind is the width of the brim of your hat. A brim that sticks past your nose, so that your head is in proportion to the hat, we would suggest that you brim should be at least 6cm wide.
-    Avoid snapping the brim up, instead, you will want to snap it down to keep it in line with your nose.
-    The taper of the hat; go for something that is slightly wider as this will make your face look less pointed front on.
-    Slim brims that are snapped up are your enemy as they will accentuate the size of your nose.

Receding chin:

-    If you have a receding chin, we suggest that you opt for a hat with a medium crown and a slight pinch, as this will give you a more balanced look.
-    A medium or wide brim that is slightly snapped to the front.
-    Avoid a big hat with a full crown.
Chiselled features:
-    Wear hats with a slight taper as this will soften your face.
-    A nice deep downward snap.
-    Your features are strong, do not tilt your hat to one side as this will create conflict with your facial features, instead keep your hat straight.
-    Stay away from a tall crown that will exenterate your features.

Round faces:

-    The crown height should be medium with a matching hat band that is not too small as this will help bring balance to the hat.
-    A larger brim works best, don’t get anything under 6cm as this will accentuate the roundness of your face.
-    Avoid small hats and anything with a pointy crown.

Protruding ears:

-    If you have protruding ears it is very important to have a wide brim.
-    The brim must be snapped down (both in the front and the back) as this will hide the size of your ears.
-    Go for a wider crown that is not too pointy in the front.
-    The hat bond; try have a bond with a bit of contrast as this will help in drawing the eye to the hat.
-    Avoid small hats with narrow brims and anything that is pointed up, which will emphasise your ears.

When there is a conflict between our suggestions and facial features the following is suggested:

Go with the facial features first as your hat will be close to the face, but try to find a balance.

We hope this brief guide has helped, if you have any more question contact us via Facebook or Instagram, also don’t forget to check out our extensive hat collection online or in store.

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