A Stitch in Time Saves Nine When Sewing for a Small Business

Posted on February 23 2021

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine When Sewing for a Small Business

Everyone Needs a Skill to Reach Greater Heights

Anyone can learn practical skills in a modern world. The advancement of technology has enabled individuals to apply practical skills to just about anything. Sewing is one of these. New skills will open doors. It will also sustain those that need to hone their talents. We can now take care of ourselves during an ever-challenging economy. With the right tools and knowledge, anyone can achieve this. You can learn to do just about anything with the help of the internet and YouTube videos. Sewing is easy if you know the basics.

One can excel through time and tenacity. Turning one’s skills or hobbies into an income is not out of one’s reach. Let your skills bear fruit for you.

How My Love for Design Became My Bread and Butter

I am an entrepreneur, striving to learn new things continuously. These new skills apply to my business. I was not born with a love of sewing. Although I enjoyed watching my mom sew, sewing did not come naturally to me. Sewing did not inspire me at an early age. I began sewing as a need arose to improve my business. It was also a result of surviving a tough economy in South Africa. I learned the love for design and the need for doing something practical during tough times. Sewing challenges me. Before long, I was channelling my skills into a unique and enjoyable business venture.

The exciting thing about sewing is the outcome of any single project. Transforming a simple piece of fabric into a beautiful garment gives one a feeling of accomplishment. You can turn anything into something. This is the exciting part.

How in the World Would I Know I have The Right School?

How will I know which sewing school to choose? I found out the hard way. Finding the right school is tricky. Nothing would make me happier than to teach others my skill. I would love nothing more than to share the hints and tips that I gathered with others.

My way of learning is slow but thorough. If I commit to something, I go all out and try my best to excel. Large classes and working under pressure are not my forte. Do your homework well in advance when sourcing a sewing school. There are sewing schools, and there are sewing schools. Everyone has different weaknesses and strength. You need to research the school you would like to attend is what you are looking for. Pay the school a visit in person before paying for or embarking on a course. Never enrol online before visiting your prospective school.

Practice Makes Perfect. Apply These Important Points:

  1. Not everyone is honest. Do your homework carefully.
  2. Do you want small classes or can you work independently?
  3. Your sewing school should offer sewing machines for the students.
  4. This sums up the school well.
  5. Dedicate enough time to apply what you learn in class. Practice makes perfect.
  6. Your school and class should offer both pattern development skills together with sewing skills.
  7. Both these skills form the foundation of fashion design.

You Need to Tick off All the Essential Boxes. Do This by Remaining Focused.

You can get lost in the overwhelming amount of designs you can produce. You need to step back to view what is important. Remain focused at all times.

You need to master a skill at a time, regardless of pace. Compile a professional business plan. This will show what direction you would like to choose. This comes in handy with budgets and purchasing the correct equipment.



All the Smart Things to Apply When Investing In Your First Machine

  1. You need to research online. You will make the best decision this way.
  2. Basic machines are good. You might be on a tight budget and this is the best way to start.
  3. You need to ensure your machine offers the functions you need.
  4. Start from the bottom and build your way up.
  5. As you grow, you can get more machines. You can also get other equipment for your business.
  6. Look out for reviews online. These offer essential advice for choosing the correct machinery.
  7. Be sure to service your machine annually. This will prolong your new machine’s life span.

There is Beauty in Creating Fine Things. Sewing is One of These.

What I love about sewing:

The creativity and independence speak for themselves. I love being in control of my unique designs. It is encouraging to know that all the hard work to get me to this point was through tenacity, plenty of courage, and a single-mindedness to success, regardless.

The quality, love, and attention to detail are obvious in my creations. I was one of many picking up the pieces after the pandemic’s disastrous effects on the economy. Sewing could be your next business venture. I did it and so can you!

My Amazing Journey Has Brought Me To A Place of Excitement

It has taken me two long years to lean to sew. This is at the high standard. Truth be told, I am a perfectionist. I sell no product of mine until I have reached a point of perfection. Perfection and fine quality ensure longevity and customer satisfaction.

You need to ensure you always give excellent customer service when starting a sewing business. The results are return customers, personal growth, and a good name in the industry.

Last but not least. Always remember to enjoy and have fun doing it. I learn something new each day along my sewing journey. The learning never stops. Each project is unique, teaching me new skills.

Invest in plenty of fashion magazines, watch videos and dissect old clothes to find out how they were created.

Good luck as you take the first steps towards success!

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