Why You Need to Support Small South African Businesses.

Posted on March 12 2021

Why You Need to Support Small South African Businesses.

Why You Need to Support Small Businesses. We Tell You How.

We all should be buying local. This translates into supporting South African entrepreneurs. You are helping to build a strong economy by doing so. South Africa was thrown into the deep end during the lock down. This was as a result of Covid-19. The effects have been catastrophic for many small businesses. Now, more than ever before, we need to support local.

We need to support local businesses. These include everything from groceries to clothing. Let us support the small fishes in the ocean. Imports have made items expensive after COVID. When we support local, we will cut out the middleman.

We Are Creating a Domino Effect By Supporting Local. Making a Difference.

You are creating a domino effect when buying locally. We create an entire chain of jobs by showing our support. Producing locally also conserves resources. The result is less fuel used for transportation. It also means less packaging is also required.

We strive to create strong relationships in the world of business. No doubt about it – supporting local and local production opens doors. Manufacturing locally offers a more hands-on approach. This gives us an understanding of how products are created from start to finish.

Why Locally Made Goods are Ticking All the Boxes. Let Us Tell You Why.

The relationship between consumer, supplier and producer is personal. And it is important. Getting to know the materials used, opens a whole new avenue of understanding. Customers often like to have a clear understanding of what goes into the products.

Buy local products that have been made with a passion for producing excellence. We need to realise that the local items we buy are made with careful consideration. This does away with cheap, mass-produced items that are not made to last. There is no time like the present to enjoy the passion behind the product.

Boosting the Economy by Supporting Local. Let's All Do Our Share.

South Africa is the second-largest economy in Africa. South Africa has moved to an upper, middle- income country. This has taken place in the past couple of years. This is despite a large part of the country living in poverty. The gap between poverty and wealth divides the county.

South Africa has a developed economy. It also has a first-world economic sector. This enables it to support different businesses. It also offers prospects with a view of development. The result is a more sustainable future for all.

Three Brilliant Ways tSupport Local. Let Us Show You How.

We should all invest our time and money supporting small South African businesses. You can do your bit. Businesses to support should include those trying to survive in a tough economy.

  1. Buying local is one of the most important aspects of showing you care. Almost 60% of the South African workforce is employed by small businesses. Small businesses create almost 34% towards the GDP of the country. The next time you experience hunger pangs, consider supporting a local eatery. This should take precedence over an international franchise. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.
  2. Nothing beats word-of-mouth. This is one of the most powerful ways to get your businesses known. Great reviews resulting from excellent service, is a brilliant advert. Did someone give you an excellent service? Remember to put in a good word.
  3. You should support local suppliers wherever possible when producing items. This will create the perfect domino effect for local producers.

Why In The World Would You Not Support Local. Here Are Some Reasons:

  1. As a proudly South African, your local product was made with love and attention to detail. Your wants and needs were taken into careful consideration.
  2. Deliveries are fuss-free when delivered locally. Local deliveries are far less expensive.
  3. Small businesses care for the environment. Producing local results in a lesser carbon footprint during manufacturing.

Local is lekker on every level. Support local and enjoy the fruits of a stronger economy for all. South Africa has much to offer – support this beautiful land by ensuring small businesses are sustainable.










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